Institution Discipline Research Interests
Emma-Jayne Abbots University of Wales, UK Social/Cultural Anthropology and Heritage Cider in Europe and the USA; craft, heritage and artisan production; materialities and interactions with the environment.
David Alder Bournemouth, UK Media and Communication History and changing significance of gin
Raymond G Anderson Brewery History Society Chemistry Scientific, technical, business and social history of beer, brewing and brewers, 1700 till now.
Fizz Annannd Freelance Consultant Consultant for Drug and Alcohol misuse assessments, strategies, evaluations and reviews.
Lucas Avelar State University of Roraima, Brazil History History of alcohol and drugs in Brazil between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Tamsin Badcoe University of Bristol, UK Literature Space and place in early modern English literature.
Doreen Joy Barber SOAS, UK Anthropology Completed a dissertation on: ‘Brewing a Heritage: Ale and Authenticity with the Campaign for Real Ale’.
Franca Beccaria Eclectica, Institute for training and research, Torino, Italy Sociology Drinking cultures, youth drinking, alcohol policies.
David Beckingham University of Cambridge, UK Geography Regulation of drinking & drunkenness in Britain, 19th & early-20thC.
Virginia Berridge LSHTM, UK History Post-WWII public health policy.
Lisa Bogert-O’Connor Queen’s University Belfast History and Anthropology The C20 Irish Atlantic; political and cultural identity through foodways
Matthias Blum TU Munich, Germany Agricultural and Food Economics Economic history of beer brewing and consumption in Southern Germany.
Elisa Bordin Verona, Italy Literature and Cinema The cultural perception of wine in the US, specifically with reference to (Italian American) ethnicity.
Fabian Braendle History History of drink in early modern Switzerland
Thomas Brennan US Naval Academy History Alcohol in early modern France.
Dorit Brixius Potsdam, Germany History Women and public houses in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century England and America.
Lorraine Brown Bournemouth University, UK International student attitudes towards British drinking culture
Kristen Burton Texas, US History Brewing, brewers and drinking in medieval England.
Gordon D. A. Brown Warwick University, UK Psychology Students’ attitudes toward drinking.
James R. Brown Sheffield University, UK History Intoxicants and Early Modernity
Andrew M Butler Canterbury Christ Church, UK Cultural Studies Leisure cultures, including drinking.
Orfhlaith Campbell Open University, UK History Temperance in 19th and 20thC Ireland.
Bernard Capp Warwick University, UK History Gender and alehouses in early modern England, Puritan campaigns against drinking 1649-1660.
Eric Carlin Birkbeck, UK Sociology Contemporary youth experiences in Pilton, Edinburgh.
Henrique Carneiro University of Sao Paulo, Brazil Modern History Research in psychoactive drugs and alcohol regulation history, and culture and culinary techniques in Brazil.
Hannah Carver Edinburgh Napier, UK Social Care Substance use social care, young people
Amy Chandler Lincoln, UK Sociology Alcohol, mental health, self-harm, suicide and gender
Rodger Charlton Nottingham University, UK Medicine The management of alcohol dependence in primary care / health sciences.
Steve Charters ESC Dijon, ~France Consumer Behaviour Wine and society.
Ruth Cherrington Cultural Studies Working men’s clubs, past and present.
David Clemis Mt Royal University, Canada History Understandings of alcohol intoxication and addiction in medical, legal, and popular thought and practice in 17th and 18thC England.
D’Maris Coffman Cambridge University, UK Financial History Excise taxation and the development of brewing in early modern England.
Magnus Copps Royal College of Art, UK Design History Material culture and sociability, 19thC London.
Gillian Cowan-Williams University of Chester, UK Narrative Enquiry Exploring, using narrative enquiry, whether for middle aged professional women social and cultural changes have led to a glass of wine replacing the cup of tea in the home setting
Jose Cree Sheffield University, UK History The history of addiction in England, 1500-1700
Mairi Ann Cullen Warwick University, UK CEDAR (Education) Evaluating projects aimed at supporting families affected by substance misuse.
Katarzyna Cwiertka Leiden, Germany Japan Studies Use of alcohol by Japanese, American, Chinese, British, and Australian troops in the Pacific region, 1940s and 1950s.
Anaïs Détolle Université Concordia, Montréal, Canada Sociology and Athropology A social and cultural study of ice cider
Laura Doherty Canterbury Christ Church, UK Sociology Young people and alcohol.
Emeka Dumbili Brunel University London, UK Social Sciences, Media & Communications The relationship between the media and young people’s alcohol consumption and alcohol policies
Robert Duncan St Andrews, UK History Drink and the First World War in Britain.
Rémy Duthille Bordeaux-Montaigne, France History Toasting and conviviality in 18thC Britain.
Rebecca Earle Warwick University, UK History Drinking in Spanish America.
Steven Earnshaw Sheffield Hallam, UK English The pub in literature.
Victoria Ellis Lincoln, UK Business Faculty Rural public houses.
Emine Evered Michigan State University, US History Histories of alcohol in Ottoman and republican Turkey; trends involving regulation and prohibition; and, intersections with histories of medicine and public health, Islam and secularism, and sexuality and gender
Kyle T. Evered Michigan State University, US Geography Historical and political geographies of alcohol and drugs in the Middle East
Hannah Farrimond Exeter University, UK Medical Sociology Socio-cultural issues raised by legal addictions; breathalyzers to prevent alcohol related violence in the night-time economy.
Laura Fenton Manchester Sociology Gender and drinking.
Simon Fowler Pub History Society Local Historian History of pubs; song in public houses.
Henry French Exeter History Elite drinking culture in 18thC England, esp. gender.
Claudio Ferlan Italian-German Historical Institute, Trento (Italy) History food-history and Jesuits studies, in particular the discipline of ecclesiastical fasting and the “battle” against sins of gluttony and drunkenness as pastoral urgencies in religious frontier contexts.
Elizabeth Gabay Institute of Masters of Wine The history of punch around the world.
Diana Garvin Cornell University/Boston University Italian Studies Breastmilk and other milks for infant consumption in the context of Italian Fascism
Andrew Giles Bristol Hispanic Studies Spanish poetry.
Lucy Gill Warwick History Masculinity, alcohol and sociability in Restoration London.
Sarah Goler Warwick Politics/ International Studies Global and EU food and drink policy.
Ivan Gololobov Warwick Sociology The use of alcohol in the Russian music underground.
Sam Goodman Bournemouth History Colonial drinking cultures and medical treatment in C19th-20th British India
Charlotte Goudge Bristol Archaeology and Anthropology The social and economic effects of rum on the slave trade period Atlantic.
Christine Griffin Bath Social Psychology Role of gender, sexuality and social class in shaping young people’s drinking practices.
David Gutzke Missouri State History Social and cultural history of alcohol, pubs & drinking in modern Britain.
Chris Hackley Royal Holloway Marketing Alcohol advertising and young people.
Thora Hands Strathclyde History Alcohol consumption in Victorian Britain.
Graham Harding Cambridge History The image and marketing of champagne in England, 1860-1914.
Mark Hailwood Exeter History Alehouses and sociability in seventeenth-century England.
David Hancock U Michigan History The wine trade and the Atlantic World, 17th-19thC.
Will Haydock Bournemouth Sociology Gender, class and ideas of ‘binge’ drinking.
Maarten Hell Independent History Public drinking houses in Amsterdam, c.1450-1850.
Paul Hegarty Drinkaware Communication & Public Affairs Promotion of responsible drinking; the public image of beer.
David Hitchcock Canterbury Christ Church History Vagrancy and alehouses in early modern England.
John Holmes University of Sheffield Public Health Interested in trends in alcohol consumption and alcohol policy. He is particularly interested in quantitative study of drinking culture, drinking practices and drinking occasions.
Mack Holt George Mason University History The history of wine in early modern France.
Tim Holt Brewery History Society History All aspects of beer and brewing history
Kirsty Hooper Warwick Hispanic Studies The sherry and port trades and the development of Anglo-Iberian cultural connections during the long nineteenth century.
Tom Hopkins Independent Social History The history of pub music.
Geoffrey Hunt Institute for Scientific Analysis Anthropology/ Sociology Village pubs in England, bars and the dance scene in San Francisco.
James Irving Sheffield Hallam Law & Criminology Drug and alcohol addiction and desistance
Katherine Jackson Newcastle Public Health/ Medical Sociology Women’s alcohol use in relation to stress and the potential for intervention
Matthew Jackson Warwick History Comparative drinking cultures: early modern Bristol and Bordeaux.
Paul Jennings Bradford History Drink and drinking places 1600 to the present.
Rachel Jones Freelance Training Consultant Training for new alcohol licensees and the legal and moral obligations of selling alcohol.
Jennifer A Jordan University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Sociology and Urban Studies Craft beer and hard cider in the US and Europe; memory, food, and culture; landscapes of food and beverage production and consumption
Jasmine Kilburn-Toppin Royal College of Art History of Design Material culture and masculine drinking culture in early modern London.
Wojciech Klepuszewski Koszalin University of Technology, Poland Literary Studies Alcohol in 20th Century fiction; Kingsley Amis, Lawrence Osbourne
James Kneale UCL Geography Drink as a spatial problem; parallels between historical and contemporary policy; popular and medical discussions of binge-drinking.
Oscar Kruger University of Kent Anthropology/ Sociology Cultivation of “natural wine”
Beat Kümin Warwick History Public houses in early modern Central Europe.
Gabriel Kurczewski Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland History History of Hungarian wine in Poland, history of Tokaj wine region, taverns in Poland
Jenni Lares University of Tampere History Drinking mentalities and cultural uses of alcoholic beverages in early modern Finland
Rachel Laudan Institute for Historical Studies, Uni of Texas History The blurred boundaries between food and drink
John Law Westminster History Motorised leisure in inter-war Britain, esp road houses.
Matthieu Lecoutre Tours François-Rabelais History Drinking, drunkenness, norms and public houses in early modern France.
Yannick Le Henaff Rouen Sociology Uses of alcohol among youth.
Rebecca Lemon USC English Early modern addiction.
Jemma Lennox Bath Psychology Gender, sexuality and alcohol; alcohol marketing; alcohol and social media use; drinking spaces and the night time economy
Dorota Dias-Lewandowska Nicolas Copernicus University, Tourn, Poland History Cultural history of french wine in Poland, 17th-19th centuries.
Ed Lilley Bristol Art History Representations of drinking / alcohol in 18th & 19thC French art.
Jonathan Ling Sunderland Pharmacy, Health & Wellbeing Alcohol use through the lifecourse.
Pam Lock Bristol Literature The social and cultural connotations of alcohol in Victorian fiction
Philip Long Bournemouth Tourism Studies Alcotourism.
Peter Lugosi Oxford Brookes Sociology/Geography Cultures of consumption, particularly in commercial environments, and the management and organisation of drinking spaces.
Antonia Lyons Massey Psychology Contemporary drinking practices and drinking cultures, new technologies, gender and identity
Sergio Lussana Warwick History Drinking and masculinity in the American South.
Alison Mackiewicz Bath Psychology Young women’s excessive drinking and constructions of new femininities.
Jennifer Smith Maguire Leicester Sociology and Critical Marketing Provenance and authenticity; cultural production and intermediation; wine and beer
Claire Markham Lincoln Social Science Rural pubs and rural communities.
Mat Mathias UoW Newport History Drinking in southern Monmoutshire 1890-1910: its culture, victims and enemies.
Daniel Maudlin Plymouth History The material culture of inns in the British Atlantic world.
Annemarie McAllister UCLAN History Temperance movements – especially the Band of Hope.
Una McIlvenna Sydney History Execution, ballads, and alehouses in early modern Europe.
Andrew McMichael Western Kentucky History Alcohol in the Atlantic World.
Rob McPherson Canterbury Christ Church Media, Art & Design Alcohol consumption; young adults; night-time economy.
Angela McShane V&A Museum History Seventeenth-century English drinking culture and material culture.
Phil Mellows Freelance Journalist The pub industry and alcohol policy.
Anistatia Miller Oxford / Mixellany Ltd Researcher and Consultant The history of drink, especially spirits
Andrew Misell Alcohol Concern Cymru Director of Alcohol Concern Cymru
Lyndsey Moon Warwick Sociology Women and alcohol policy.
Martin Moore Warwick Psychology
Brian Morrison UCLAN Social Care Developing and delivering alcohol mutual aid services.
Katrina Moseley Cambridge History Alcohol and the gendered body in Britain, 1920-1970
Rachel Moss Oxford History Homosociality in late medieval England.
Stella Moss Royal Holloway History Twentieth-century drinking cultures, especially the gendered nature of public house sociability.
Shaun Mudd Exeter Classics Ancient Greco-Roman alcohol consumption.
David Muggleton Chichester Leisure Studies Breweries and ‘improved’ public house design in the interwar period.
Katrina Navickas University of Hertforshire History Political meetings held in pubs & ginshops in 18th /19th century England. Held recent walking tour of Chartist pubs in west London for the British Library
Fabrizio Nevola Bath History of Architecture Early modern Italian taverns.
James Nicholls Alcohol Research UK Media and Social Policy History of drinking cultures, contemporary alcohol policy and media coverage of alcohol issues.
Lisa Nitsche Aberdeen Scandinavian Studies Women, alcohol and drunkenness in early Scandinavian society
David Nutt Imperial Neuropsychopharmacology Former government advisor on drug harm and classification.
Ferdinand Nyberg Tübingen American Studies Intersections of 19thC temperance efforts, abolitionism, race, and gender.
Helen O’Connell Durham English Tea in Ireland, late 18th-early 20thC.
Helen O’Connor Community Drugs Service for South London Psychology Psychologist working in substance use/abuse, hoping to conduct a qualitative study on non-drinkers in sport.
Gemma Outen Edge Hill English & History Women and temperance in late-19th & early 20thC Britain.
Maria Parrino Università Ca’ Foscari, Venezia Linguistics & Comparative Cultural Studies The gothic – body, mouth, voice, food and drink
Joan Passey Exeter / Bristol English Cornish Gothic literature, late 19th-early 20thC
Vincent Pidoux Lausanne Biologie & Medicine Neuroscience and behavioural/cognitive science; knowledge translation in medicine
Hilary Pilkington Manchester Sociology Alcohol and youth culture in post-Soviet Russia.
Noelle Plack Newman University College History The social and cultural role of wine in Revolutionary and Napoleonic France.
Laurence Publicover Bristol Literature Renaissance literature, esp Shakespeare.
Matthew Rippon Queen Mary Human Geography Geographical Indications for wines and spirits.
Julie Robert University of Technology, Sydney International Studies Health, philanthropy, advertising, narritives/narrators
Graham Roberts Paris-Ouest Nanterre Russian Studies / Marketing Alcohol marketing and identity politics in post-socialist Russia.
Richard Robinson Helsinki History Drink in Brighton between 1880 and 1939.
Frankie Rogan Birmingham Sociology Gender and sexuality, alcohol and social media use, drinking spaces and the night time economy
Edmund Rolls Warwick Computer Science The neuroscience of thirst.
Jessica M. Romney Bristol Classics and Ancient History Greek literature, particularly as relates to ethnicity, gender, and politics.
David Rosenthal Edinburgh History Sixteenth-century Florentine taverns.
Christopher Shirley Northwestern English Alcohol consumption and 17thC English poetical miscellanies.
Martin Skinner Warwick Psychology Social behaviour.
R. Charlie Small Warwick History Drinking and the Royal Navy, 18th century.
Andrew Smith UCL History Winegrowers in Southern France
Oliver Smith Plymouth Criminology Deviant leisure and the night time economy
Patsy Staddon Plymouth Sociology A social approach to women’s drinking issues.
Craig Stafford Liverpool History Women committed to prison for drink related offences in the early 1870s in Salford and Rochdale.
Richard Stone Bristol History The history of cider
Saverio Stranges Warwick Health Sciences Alcohol drinking patterns and health implications.
Isabelle Szmigin Birmingham Marketing Conceptualising consumer behaviour and understanding the social and policy issues concerned with consumption.
Alex Taylor Sheffield History Tobacco and alcohol in 17th century England.
Scott Taylor Birmingham Leadership & Organisation Studies Craft brewing and gender.
Scott K Taylor Uni of Kentucky History Addiction, drugs and alcohol in early modern Europe
Guy Thomson Warwick History The role of alcohol in aspects of Mexican and Spanish history.
Thomas Thurnell-Read Loughborough Sociology Drinking and masculinity, alcohol and sociability, stag tourism, real ale and craft beer.
Ann Tlusty Bucknell History Drink culture in early modern Germany.
Jussi Tolvi Club Soda Alcohol and behaviour change
Victoria Jayne Troy Glasgow Caledonian University School of Health and Life Sciences Alcohol and identity; substance use and parenting/the family; alcohol policy; alcohol brief interventions.
Deborah Toner Leicester History Drinking, race and nationhood in 19th century Latin America, esp. Mexico.
Demmy Verbeke KU Leuven Classics Food and drink in the work of Renaissance humanists.
Jiri Vinopal Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic Sociology Beer in Czech society.
Kimberley Wade Warwick Psychology The effects of alcohol on crime-related memories.
Anne Wegener Sleeswijk Paris-1 Sorbonne-Panthéon History Wine trade and wine consumption in the
United Provinces, 17th and 18thC.
Justus Wesseler TU Munich Agricultural and Food Economics Economic history of beer brewing and consumption in Southern Germany.
Andrew Wallace University of Leeds Urban Sociology Craft brewing and its relationship with urban development, class relations and contemporary political economy.
Jennifer Wallis Oxford History Diseases of Modern Life project exploring secrecy and drinking in C19th
Stuart Walton Independent Writer Approaches to intoxication in philosophy and critical theory
Samantha Wilkinson Nottingham Sociology Young people, alcohol and urban life
Justin Willis Durham History Social history of alcohol in East Africa, 1850-1999.
Susannah Wilson Warwick French Studies Drugs, intoxication and addiction in 19thC France.
Phil Withington Sheffield History Intoxication and the Renaissance in England.
Dieter Wolke Warwick Developmental Psychology The effect of alcohol consumption on children’s psychological development.
Henry Yeomans Leeds Criminology Regulation of drink and drinking in contemporary society.
Richard Yntema Otterbein History Dutch brewery industry in the early modern period.


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