Useful links

Please email us if you would like to contribute a website to this regularly updated list.

Alcohol and Drugs History Society:

Network members may be interested in visiting the website of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society – a North American based research network which has its own journal, annual conference and blog. It is an excellent resource for keeping up with the latest North American publications and conferences in the area of drinking studies.

 AHRC Taverns Project:

The website for a cross-chronological project that’s recently started called “Taverns, locals and street corners: Cross chronological studies in community drinking, regulation and public space.” It’s a collaborative, AHRC Connected Communities pilot study, with case studies from early modern Florence, Enlightenment London and Bristol today. It includes a regular blog on their findings.

British Sociological Society Alcohol Study Group:

Website of the recently established BSA Alcohol Study Group, including information on upcoming events.

Club Historians:

Network member Ruth Cherrington runs this website on working men’s clubs, both past and present, which includes a section on academic interest in drinking – including several references to the network.

Pub History Society:

The website of the Pub History Society:

Brewery History Society:

The website of the Brewery History Society:

The Politics of Drinking:

A blog about contemporary alcohol licensing issues, by network member Phil Mellows.

Heritage Pubs:

A CAMRA guide to historic pubs:

Wine As Was:

Network member Graham Harding’s blog about his research into the history of wine and champagne:

Intoxicants and Early Modernity:

The website of the major new project on intoxicants in English society, 1580-1740:

Russian Consumer Culture:

A blog dedicated to matters of consumption in Russia:

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