Research Clusters, Sep 2015

Since its foundation in 2010, the network has attracted c.120 members from multiple disciplines and established a vibrant, collegiate forum where we share ideas in this growing field. We want to maintain this forum as it currently operates, but we also believe the network has enormous potential for nurturing more sustained and ambitious collaborative research. The aim is to create a framework where members can (if they so wish) use the network to enhance their own research agendas, at the same time as pooling our collective expertise to tackle some of the big questions in the field.

Cluster 1: Identities and Diversity

Cluster 2: Time and Temporalities

Cluster 3: Craft and Artisanal

Cluster 4: Pubs and Bars

Cluster 5: Understanding Excess

With this objective in mind, we are establishing five research clusters that build on overlapping areas of research interests of network members and foster new directions of research in the field. Each cluster is led by 2-3 co-ordinators and network members are invited to affiliate themselves with the clusters of their choice (any number). Clusters have a mandate to pursue research activity around their theme, but this activity might take many different forms depending on the interests and wishes of cluster members. In the first instance, co-ordinators will shape and drive this activity, but other members of each cluster can become more actively involved as appropriate.


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